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Where ever life exists, we are there…

A pioneer in supplies of industrial, agricultural and consumer products, Naksan Plastik has made a merit of supplying the same product and service quality to all its customers, regardless of scale. Naksan Plastik, the most important supplier of many firms, both domestic and foreign, has designed an operation mode not solely based on production. The operation mode of Naksan Plastik covers all services, starting with design and extending to post production, never departing from the principle of perfection.

Naksan as a producer with high awareness of environment adopts to fulfill all its responsibilities as a principle. Since the year of its establishment, NAKSAN has been an environment friendly company which does its own recyling. In year 2012, Naksan has won the “Gold Package Award” with its innovative product named “Shine Protection” and won the “Competence Award” with “Composed Shine” in the competiton of Crescent and Stars of Packaging organized by Packaging Manufacturers Association.

Naksan Plastik, through dedicated efforts carried out with an awareness of the liabilities of its status, has never compromised its firm and resolute stature, regardless of the circumstances. Naksan Plastik, by its synergic organization which involves all elements from production to sales and its valuable collaborations, is determined to occupy  the topmost positions in this justly proud tableau in the future as well.




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1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 18 Nolu Cadde, No : 13 Gaziantep - Türkiye
Phone: +90 - 342 - 211 21 21